• Image of fish lure inspired stick pearl & amazonite

This is my original fish lure inspired earring design. Here i use sterling silver earwires and wire to create a one of a kind design.
This pair has hand wire wrapped cultured freshwater stick pearls and amazonite. They hang 2 & 1/2 inches from the earlobe, but if you prefer i can customize them to 2 or 3 inches in length at no charge to you. just send an email request.

Pearls Historically symbolic of purity, innocence and faith, pearls enhance personal integrity and help clear the mind so that it can be a clean channel for wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Amazonite properties includes its ability to create a feeling of power within you. It is almost like you can feel the power of the Amazon running through this crystal. It inspires truth, sincerity, honor, self love, courage, communication, eloquence, integrity, trust, clairvoyance, clarity, prophecy and openness.

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